Cancers in pregnancy: a multidisciplinary dilemma
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Surgical Gynecology Clinic of the Gynecological and Obstetrics Clinical Hospital, Poznan University of Medical Sciences, Poznan, Poland
Submission date: 2023-12-28
Acceptance date: 2024-01-01
Publication date: 2023-12-31
Corresponding author
Zuzanna Aurast   

Surgical Gynecology Clinic of The Gynecological and Obstetrics Clinical Hospital, Poznan University of Medical Sciences, Polna 33, 60-535 Poznan, Poland
Arch Med Sci Civil Dis 2023;8(1):50-56
Malignancies during pregnancy present a multifaceted challenge, with an incidence of approximately 81–140 cases per 100,000 pregnancies, constituting a statistically rare phenomenon. The number of incidences is constantly growing due to the delay of women’s reproductive decisions. Predominant malignancies include breast cancer, cervical cancer, melanoma, and hematological cancers like Hodgkin’s disease. Physiological gestational changes can lead to delayed diagnosis by masking the cancer’s symptoms. Accurate diagnosis and staging, coupled with considerations of gestational age and assessment of fetal and placental structural development, are pivotal in shaping therapeutic decisions. Chemotherapy, surgery and in some cases radiotherapy are considered possible options depending on gestational age, both maternal and fetal conditions, and the type of cancer. This review provides a concise overview of common cancers in pregnancy, emphasizing their diagnosis and optimal treatment options. The comprehensive approach takes into account both maternal and fetal well-being, recognizing the intricate balance necessary for effective management within the unique context of pregnancy.
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